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Before any maternity photo session we will go through the styles and make up you require, also any questions will be answered that you may have. Normally I will bring a female make up artist with me. She will also tend to hair and clothing if required.


If you are looking at only one maternity photo session we recommend this to be about 30 to 34 weeks within your pregnancy.  Alternatively if your requirements are for a set of images showing the development of your pregnancy we would advise your first shoot being around 16 weeks or when you begin to show. Then every 4 weeks after until about the 34th week then once the little one or ones are born.


We make all our maternity photo sessions as relaxing. Each session is is normally about 2 hours, however we keep 4 hours aside for each session. This ensures no one is rushed and we keep the element of fun in the day making it as smooth running as possible.


Having your pregnancy photo session at home helps those who want to be in their familiar surroundings and who may have a larger wardrobe to choose from without bringing suitcases to the studio. If you bring children to the shoot a good idea is to have another adult to look after them whilst you are being photographed.


Maternity clothing that is plain in colour is considered good for a more natural look with no distracting logo’s. Loose clothing is best for the Demi Moore style of image as tight clothing can cause marks on the skin which takes a while to clear up. If you are concerned of any stretch marks these can be removed in the final images. For  the Maternity  images click the Gallery.