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The importance of a model portfolio is paramount to the ladder of a models career. Your images need to start you off in the right direction.  Be it fashion or glamour or any other style of modelling you wish to peruse. Time commitment and energy are needed from you to deliver your images.

Working on my team is a local model from Farnham who can give you free advice and assist with your posing and make up. We do recommend anyone interested in modelling to contact a viable agency also.

If you have some experience behind you, we can provide you with promotional shots, and a portfolio of images that can be easily changed as you career progresses and you modelling styles improve. With access to a beautiful 1600’s cottage and surrounding countryside we can create different and contemporary images with style.

Our packages are able to suit your needs form a model experience day, with or without a hair stylist and make up artist, to a package that can be created shooting over a few months using different locations and styles.

All this will be discussed to ensure you get those images you need for that career.
We are able to style your outfits to the surrounding and the make up you wear; our fashion wardrobe is also growing so we can provide good quality clothes at no extra cost.